Blue Rose is founded by an experienced team who are seasoned in handling complex client issues and having a deep-rooted desire to provide easy and workable solutions after understanding client business objectives and specific market conditions. Trust and Empathy forming the basis of client interaction, the team ensures total customer satisfaction and building a long-term relationship.

Blue Rose founder also felt the need to create a platform whereby upcoming professionals could Enhance their careers, Learn new technologies and reach new heights without having to change companies or face an uncertain future.

By combining the best resources, processes and experience, Blue Rose has provided a platform for world class delivery of Telecom, Enterprise and IT solutions / services.

Experienced Management Team

Blue Rose comprises a highly experienced team who share the vision and mission of the founders. Blue Rose management team leads from the front when it comes to in delivery of our services and solutions. Constantly striving for excellence, customer satisfaction and bringing value for to the client, the team ensures that the client expectations are exceeded and business objectives met, by way of a rewarding relationship, timely delivery and hand-holding the client upto delivery of solutions and beyond. It’s this personal touch which ensures that the client is not lost in the corporate hierarchy and instead enjoys world class services from experienced and rusted, people who have a proven track record.

Industry Focus

BlueRose believes that best results are achieved by focus. Our industry and solutions is focused on areas where by BlueRose has deep expertise, that is, niche areas of Telecom, Enterprise and IT industry. The offered services are carefully chosen areas where the management team is confident of delivering world-class services. This focus allows our customer to leverage our experience and trust us for delivery of critical business objectives.

Technology Excellence

The management team by virtue of its technology experience helps client chooses the right technology for their needs in an affordable fashion. BlueRose customer’s can be assured of the best technology selection and implementation for their needs.

Wide Industry Network

BlueRose has significant and extensive contacts in the industry. These contacts range from junior to senior most executives in the industry. BlueRose has the ability to tap this network to meet any kind of requirement in areas related to its network. BlueRose is a trusted and respected partner in its network and people are always more than willing to work with BlueRose. This is also a testimony of our values, ethics, professionalism as well as approach towards people.

Strong Partner Network

In order to provide end to end solutions in its focus areas, BlueRose has partnered with select few carefully chosen companies. These companies are not only partners but also share the vision and mission of BlueRose management. These partners have strong relationship with the management and are committed to provide the world class solutions to BlueRose clients in a preferred manner.

BlueRose leverages this network to provide number of services to our clients. BlueRose manages all the services provided by our partners and our strong program management and client focus allows us to seamlessly provide solutions to our clients.

BRQM™ Methodology

BlueRose prides itself in not only having a strong management team but also a well qualified engineering team. Our engineers are chosen by applying our BRQM™ methodology. BRQM™ is a proprietary and well tested process which not only allows us to select the right person for the right job – THE FIRST TIME. But also allows us to ensure that we are hiring individuals who are aligned to our values and will share our vision for a long time to come. We have a successful track record in implementing this methodology.

BRQM™ founders have developed this methodology based on years of experience and have refined it to meet the needs of our organization. The process draws from years of experience and we use proprietary sets of tools to ensure that we have access to the right candidates even before we have a need to hire. Our extensive interactions with all the stakeholders including our management team, program managers and client allows us to understand the requirements better and ensures that we proactively work towards them. BlueRose deep technical expertise allows us to ensure only the best of the lot candidate are selected for hiring.

BRQM™ allows us to not only identify the right person first time but also ensure that the selected candidate undergoes a process which ensures that, among other things, person is aligned with the company, role in the company, work culture and its vision and have chosen the company in the right spirit. This brings in predictability and ensures that the right candidate is selected the first time in a timely fashion.

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